WordPress Features Planted Table as “Game Changers”

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Photo of Planted Table founders Megan Scott and Lauren Mahlke by Drew Bird

WordPress Features Planted Table as “Game Changers”

WordPress Features Planted Table

WordPress features Planted Table? No way! A few months ago, the wonderful team at WordPress.com reached out to us regarding a feature story. For reference, we have utilized the WordPress platform to run our website, and essentially, multiple aspects of our business. WordPress has done a lot for our business and making the communication from us to our our readers and customers seamless. So, when all of this occurred – you bet we were excited. I think it’s obvious that we said “of course!”  When speaking with them, they even considered us a “game changer” in our industry. With that, they scheduled and flew out a film crew from New York just to produce the WordPress feature on Planted Table.

It was all very surreal and we were so honored that WordPress wanted to feature Planted Table. My sister, Chef Lauren, and I have worked so hard…and cried – a lot. We had big dreams to provide a healthier and happier lifestyle straight to the doorsteps of our community. After hours of trial and error and late nights, we developed a strong team that we love so much. With that, came our amazing customer base who aren’t just dedicated to being plant-based, they are loyal to us. We are very proud of how far we’ve come in just a few years and we really appreciate all our readers and subscribers for helping us get here.

We truly believe without the support we’ve received. The WordPress feature of Planted Table has been a game changer for us, not because it gets more eyes on us, but it motivates us to keep going. It shows us that our effort to provide healthy plant-based meals to families across the Bay Area is really making a difference.

They wrote up a beautiful article about our company as well. Read the full article here. Thank you WordPress.com!

Sampling dishes at the Planted Table Kitchen in Oakland, CA
Sampling dishes at the Planted Table Kitchen at 550 2nd Street, Oakland. Photo by Drew Bird.
Megan Scott

HI I'm Megan.
My sister, Chef Lauren and I started Planted Table to help people learn how fun and easy plant-based eating can be. We hope you follow along in our journey.

Megan Scott


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