Why we are obsessed with our Almond Cow + Discount Code!

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Why we are obsessed with our Almond Cow + Discount Code!

This amazing, plant-based milk machine has been a game-changer in our kitchens! If you drink plant-based milks and care about the ingredients going in and reducing waste from packaging, keep reading to learn why we are obsessed with Almond Cow and how to get $15 off!



Making nut milk at home can be a little scary and hard to get right, which is why so many of us have just purchased pre-made nut milks, but with Almond Cow, the process has been simplified and made fun so even the biggest kitchen novice can make the best nut milks!



What is Almond Cow?
It’s a Plant Based nut maker that makes nut milks and oat milk a breeze.



Step 4: add any other sweeteners you like such as dates, agave, maple syrup etc..



Do you Need an Almond Cow?
We recommend Almond Cow to anyone that drinks nut milks, cares about ingredients and wants to create less packaging waste. The price is significantly less than a vitamix or other powerful blenders on the market. It sells for $195, and with the Planted Table discount code “PLANTEDTABLE”, you get an additional $15 off.




Press the “cow” to make nut milk! The flashing green light means it’s working. The almond cow  runs 3 cycles, so wait the green light is not flashing.



And just like that, you have frothy, creamy nut milk. We pour ours in a glass jug and refrigerate right away.



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