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Hello plant-lovers!

As you may know, I have the enormous privilege of working with Planted Tables Meals as their Plant-based Wellness Expert. I am beyond grateful and fulfilled by the conversations I have with PT members and potential members, who come to this organization because they want to eat more plants, have a longer healthier life, reduce medications, increase fitness, and reduce plastic waste and care for the environment! We receive lots of thoughtful questions about plant-based eating and I’m excited to share one of them with you today.

What about calorie-counting?!

Have you ever wondered about this?

I am speaking from and my training and education in Mind-Body Nutrition, Eating Psychology and Human Development when I say that at Planted Table, we honor a healthy, mindful eating approach — not a dieting mentality (and I am a weight loss coach)!

Intuitive and Mindful Eating allow the individual to develop a connection with the body and its needs. It is actively honoring unique biology, and rejecting the latest fad-diet craze, as well as the one-size-fits-all diet plans. It’s tuning into what the body is asking for, and choosing foods, activities and behaviors that truly serve the individual’s long-term health.

It is not jumping through hoops based on what the latest trendy book says will make the body change the fastest way, and it is definitely not forcing restriction or living in fear with food. This is my professional specialty. Mindful eating is giving yourself the gift of the highest quality, clean, free from pesticides, nutrient-dense, plant based foods, featuring a variety of colors and textures, and eating slowly and mindfully to allow satiety (and gratitude) to kick in.

Maybe this sounds normal to you, or maybe this sounds a bit intimidating or overwhelming. Here’s the good news. When you choose nutrient dense plant-foods, the body receives lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and its nutritional needs are met, as opposed to a processed fat, sugary or salty snack food, which would light up the brain like a pinball machine! When the body is able to fully receive the meal without the interference from the brain’s triggers, one feels full much sooner, and way less likely to overeat.

Plant-based foods don’t trigger the brain the way processed foods and animal products do.

Without the calorie counting restrictions in place, you can pay full attention to how much you are eating and what the body is saying. You develop a closer relationship with your hunger. You learn to understand your satiety, and the overall language of the body.

That’s not all, there are proven detriments to dieting and calorie counting, including harming and slowing the metabolism, causing fatigue and nutrient deficiencies, possibly reducing fertility, weakening bones and lowering immunity. (1)

Moving your body regularly also helps increase metabolism, and so does creating a regular meal rhythm.

Don’t put up a fight! Slow down, tap in, relax with food and find satisfaction.

Your body will thank you.

All my best,

Vanessa Rogers

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