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The Bay Area’s Foremost Vegan Meal Delivery Service, Planted Table, Celebrates Five Years of Delivering Vegan Meals in Reusable Packaging

Planted Table, the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier plant-based meal delivery service, celebrates five years of serving the Bay Area organic vegan meals with zero waste! Planted Table provides a high level of convenience when it comes to being able to heat and eat gourmet plant-based meals as part of a busy lifestyle, without all the packaging waste.

Oakland and Berkeley Eateries Nab PETA’s National ‘Vegan Roast Boast’ Award

Oakland and Berkeley Eateries Nab PETA’s National ‘Vegan Roast Boast’ Award

With more people than ever expected to celebrate a meat-free Thanksgiving this year, two eateries in the Bay Area have won a national Vegan Roast Boast Award from PETA. The Butcher’s Son and Planted Table made the top 10 list for their Crispy Skin Turkey and House Made Whole Apple Cider Basted Vegan Turkey Roast, respectively—both succulent solutions to 2022’s soaring turkey prices and rampant bird flu outbreaks.

View PETA’s feature on all winners here.

San Francisco food delivery fatigue is real, these companies may have just what you need

Planted Table: Planted Table (PT) offers heart-healthy, plant-based meals that are free of processed foods and refined sugar and available for delivery throughout the Bay Area by PT employees or pick up from their Oakland kitchen. Meals are freshly packed in eco-friendly containers as individual servings ready to heat and enjoy.

3 Flavorful (and Ethical) Alternatives to Foie Gras, According to Chefs

Plant-based spins on dishes typically made with animal products are having a major moment right now, so it should come as no surprise that a savory vegan version of foie gras exists. Executive chef Lauren Mahlke of Planted Table in Oakland, CA prepares hers with mushrooms and nuts, telling us that..

Planted Table named as 2020 Business Environmental Awards Finalists

Planted Table is a meal delivery service that provides plant-based meals in reusable containers to more than 500 residents per week and composts food scraps produced in its operations.

Planted Table: A Sustainable Way to Deliver Delicious Vegan Meals

Sisters Lauren Mahlke and Megan Scott wanted to make it easier for families to eat plant-based food, and it was important to them to do it sustainably. So they launched Planted Table, a zero-waste, vegan meal-delivery service — one of the first of its kind to use glass containers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their WordPress website is the hub of their business, which now serves over 200 local families.

Vegan ‘Blue Apron’ Style Meal Delivery Brand Goes Zero Waste

Oakland’s Planted Table Delivers Vegan Meals Without the Waste

Zero Waste Vegan Meal Delivery

‘Planted Table’ Delivers Vegan, No-Waste, Plastic-Free Meals

‘Planted Table’ Delivers Vegan Meals Without The Waste

Berkeley celebrates 48th Earth Day with 1st official festival in 5 years

“Many meal delivery services contain an excess of disposable waste and plastic,” said Megan Scott, one of the co-founders of Planted Table, a meal delivery service. “Planted Table is the only service we know of that uses glass containers and is committed to 100 percent vegan and zero waste.”

Earth Day To Be Celebrated With Vegan Festival In Berkeley

Plated: The High Price We Pay For Meal Delivery Services

“I don’t think a reduction of food waste gives you that much clout to stand on when a customer’s trash can is loaded with plastic after creating a meal,” said Megan Scott, who co-founded a zero-waste meal service called Planted Table with her sister, Chef Lauren Mahlke. Planted Table delivers prepared meals to the San Francisco Bay Area in a model that functions just like any other meal-delivery service, minus the trash. “Food can be composted and isn’t creating the toxic problems to our environment that plastic is,” she said. Planted Table delivers customers local food from nearby farms packaged in glass containers and a reusable cooler that gets picked up every week and refilled.

40 Under 40 In The East Bay

Meet the latest wave of inspiring local superstars who are rewriting the rules of the game.

Planted Table- Plant Based Meals Delivered

In all honesty I had such a positive experience with Planted Table and I absolutely LOVED their meals.

My Zero-Waste Challenge: One Day With One Kid

On other days, we rely on heaven-sent Planted Table, an Oakland-based meal provider committed to zero waste.

Planted Table Nominated for People & Planet Award for Green Businesses

The People & Planet Award recognizes US small businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Twice each year, we award two $5,000 cash prizes in a range of green business categories, such as zero-waste, worker empowerment, and sustainable food.

2 Outstanding Environmentally Responsible Companies Honored in Closing Round of Prestigious Green Business Award

Small businesses in Philadelphia and the San Francisco area are being recognized by the national nonprofit Green America with $5000 awards for their exemplary commitment to a green economy. Green America’s People & Planet Award celebrates socially and environmentally responsible small businesses. The winners were Bennett Compost and Planted Table for the theme of “Best of the Green Economy.”