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Tierra Urbana & Planted Table

Who is Tierra Urbana?

Ned Lange and Jamila Hubbard created Tierra Urbana (or “UBAN EARTH”) to combine their love of growing plants (48 houseplants and propagating!), plant based cooking, nurturing deep community roots, and the unique, revolutionarily creative town that is Oakland, CA. 
For the soon to be married couple, building a life together in Oakland means more than just having a cozy place to live. It means becoming a part of the fabric of what makes Oakland such a special place. Through Tierra Urbana, they will not only provide abundantly healthy food to their community, but as their business grows they plan to provide employment and training to others looking to succeed in urban agriculture. Tierra Urbana is also a platform for other ventures including partnering with local organizations in minimizing food waste by making vegan compost.
As a woodturner, carpenter, UC certified Master Gardener, and regular volunteer at City Slicker Farms, Ned is constantly researching the most efficient ways to grow a healthy variety of food. He wants to not only supply food for the couple’s plant based lifestyle, but also for the communities in West Oakland and beyond. At City Slicker, he manages the Master Gardener plot dedicated to teaching the community members how to maximize their crop yields in small spaces. 
Jamila’s green thumbs help to ensure the plants at home and at the greenhouse are flourishing. She also uses her entrepreneurial skills behind the scenes and as the Social Media Maven. Her commitment to community involvement and feeding the soul manifests in her role as a Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Project Manager at Levi Strauss & Co. and as a volunteer and Advisory Board Member for Brown Girl Surf, where she teaches community building, leadership skills, and surfing to young women of color. 

What makes Tierra Urbana’s microgreens great? 

All of Tierra Urbana’s microgreens are grown following City Hydro’s PURE method, using NO Fertilizers NO Pesticides and NO Soil, and All in 100% Certified Food Safe Plastics. Tierra Urbana also grows veganically, using NO animal byproducts: just SEEDS, COCONUT FIBERS, & WATER.
These microgreens are as local as it gets! Not only are they grown right here in West Oakland, but they arrive on your doorstep while still LIVING, on their coconut fiber growing pads. You then cut however much you want just moments before adding the uncooked greens to your meal. Cutting just before eating is what keeps the nutrients intact, making live microgreens up to 40x more nutrient than some full grown vegetables. 

How does Tierra Urbana work? 

Through Planted Table, you can add pads of LIVING microgreens to your weekly meal plan. 

 Delivery and Storage

Each microgreens order will come in a reusable Rubbermaid FreshWorks™ Produce Saver container; equipped with technology that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the container, maximizing freshness and longevity. 
The Rubbermaid FreshWorks™ Produce Saver includes three pieces: 
  • Filtered lid
  • Container
  • Green CrispTray
We ask that all three pieces be returned weekly along with your Planted Table containers. 
Each set will be labeled/stamped. 
If the full set is not returned within 30 days a charge of $15 will be collected via PayPal.

How do I prepare and eat microgreens?

  1. Take your microgreens out of the container
  2. Cut your microgreens close to the coconut fiber pad
  3. Add UNCOOKED microgreens to your favorite salads, sandwiches, smoothies, or any other meal that you’d like to enhance with a fresh, robust flavor and a blast of additional nutrients
  4. Compost the coconut fiber pads when you are done with your microgreens
  5. Return the FreshWorks™ Produce Saver (including the green CrispTray, please!) with your glass Planted Table containers