Menu For Week of 9/2/20

Menu for week of 9/2/20

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Message from Chef Lauren:

This has been a week of extremes for us here in the Bay Area. We hope all of you are safe and have been able to avoid any evacuations of fire damage. If anyone is in need of food assistance due to the wildfires, please reach out to us. We would love to help.

Our staff has been working in a 95 degree kitchen cooking this week’s meals. Megan and I want to give them extra appreciation for their hard work. Usually we can open our windows in the kitchen and let in the cool breeze from the Bay in our Jack London Square kitchen, but the past two weeks we have had to keep our windows closed due to the smoke and with several ovens and stove tops going, it creates one hot kitchen. We are looking forward to cooler air and cleaner skies, but meanwhile we are just grateful to be here, be safe and able to cook for all of you.

New on the order form this week:
Whole NY Cheesecake from The Butcher’s Son

We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Butcher’s Son to offer you their freshly baked, signature whole cheesecake. Serves 10.

Look for it on your order form.

We appreciate all your support.

-Chef Lauren Mahlke


Darrell Keys