Menu for week of 8/18/21

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Message from Chef Lauren:

Local Produce Update:


We have a short local blueberry season here in Northern California, but lucky for us, the time is now! Blueberries are a power-packed fruit with numerous health benefits. Dr. Michael Gregor, of recommends eating a hand full of blueberries daily. Here’s a few of the health benefits:

  1. Blueberries for Artery Function
  2. Blueberries for a Diabetic Diet & DNA Repair
  3. Blueberries for the Brain

Next week I have arranged to have the Apple Hill Growers Association pick blueberries just for us and bring them to the Concord farmers market to pick up. I will be using them in the salad, the smoothie bowls and offering them as a produce item in our grocery section. We hope you can taste the difference in these freshly picked, local organic blueberries.

New on the order form: Freshly made, organic chipotle salsa 

Freshly made, vegan organic chipotle salsa

Pint Size Jar of freshly made salsa by our kitchen manager, Yessy. It’s her family’s recipe featuring organic poblanos, organic Roma tomatoes, green onions, dried ancho Chili and cilantro to make this flavorful freshly made organic salsa. Add our freshly made tortilla chips for a perfect snack.

Thank you for letting us share our meals with you!

-Chef Lauren Mahlke

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