Menu for week of 7/17/19

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As the days are getting hotter we like to provide you with cooling summer treats to bring you comfort and celebrate the summer bounty of beautiful produce. The local farms have all things summer including corn, tomatoes, squash, basil and also beautiful fruit like melons, stone fruit and berries.
We have gotten such a great response from the smoothie bowls in the lunch last week that we wanted to try to include them as an add-on available every week. They make the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack and are very refreshing. Plus, our smoothie bowls are packed with nutrient dense chia seeds, hemp seeds, organic fruits and a few sneaky organic veggies. Get your day started with a fruity power packed meal.
Planted Table's Kids Meal Plans


1.Berry Skewer with Candied Nut Balls GF (freezer friendly)
2.Chia Strawberry Smoothie Bowl with Granola and Hemp Seeds GF (freezer friendly)
3.Tropical Fruit Parfait with Nuts and Cashew Yogurt GF (Freezer friendly)

1.Chickpea Waldorf Salad Lettuce Cups GF

2.Chili Verde Burrito GF Substitution (freezer friendly)
3.Minestrone Soup GF Substitution (freezer friendly)
1. Pineapple Star Fried Rice with Tofu, Cashews and Broccoli (Freezer friendly)
2.Mini Tempeh Lasagna GF Substitution (Freezer friendly)
3. Sun-dried Tomato Alfredo Penne Pasta GF Substitution (Freezer friendly)
1. Snack Bowl Ready To eat Organic Fruit
2. Snack Platter of fresh veggies with house-made Ranch dip.
3. Pint of organic Granola

3-Day Meal Plan Members

Lunch (items listed in suggested order for enjoying) FF=Freezer Friendly

1. Tajin Salad

Tajin Salad with Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Jicama, Black Beans, Grilled Corn, Pepitas and a Tajin Lime Dressing

2. Summer Toasted Farro Bowl

Summer Toasted Farro Bowl with Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Summer Squash, Grilled Corn, Smokey White Beans and a Pesto Drizzle GF substitution (freezer friendly)

3. chilled potato leek soup GF (freezer friendly)

Vichyssoise chilled potato leek soup GF (freezer friendly)
Dinner (items listed in suggested order for enjoying) FF=Freezer Friendly

1. Roasted Vegetables In Papillote Purse

Roasted Vegetables In Papillote Purse with Lemon and Herbs served with Barbeque Tempeh and pearled couscous GF substitution

2.Stuffed Poblano peppers

Stuffed Poblano peppers with corn, black beans, roasted peppers, pepitas served with sweet masa and chili verde drizzle GF (freezer friendly)

3.Sun-dried tomato Alfredo Penne Pasta (freezer friendly)

Sun-dried tomato, Hen of the Woods Mushroom and Summer squash Alfredo Penne Pasta GF substitution (freezer friendly)


5-Day Meal Plan Members

(all of the above items from 3-day meal plans, plus below)

Lunch (items listed in suggested order for enjoying) FF=Freezer Friendly

4. Black Bean Sauce Lettuce Cups

Black Bean Sauce Lettuce Cups with Ground Black Bean Walnut Vegetables, Green Onion, Carrots, Radish, bell pepper and cucumber

5.Summer Minestrone Soup (freezer friendly)

Summer Minestrone Soup with Summer Squash, sweet peppers, white beans, pasta, carrots and celery GF substitution (freezer friendly)


BLT wrap with Cherry Tomatoes, Tempeh Bacon, Crispy Lettuce and Creamy Herb Sauce

4.Artichoke Crab-less cakes

Artichoke Crab-less cakes with grilled corn and grilled zucchini with a lemon caper aioli GF

5. Grilled Pineapple Fried Rice (Freezer friendly)

Grilled Pineapple Fried Rice with Cashews, Golden Raisins, Broccoli, Carrots, Pineapple and Soy Tofu with a Golden Turmeric Rice GF (Freezer friendly)