Menu for week of 7/14/21

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Message from Chef Lauren:

A friendly reminder that we are closed next week, July 7th. I have written the menu for 7/14 though and you can feel free to place your order any time.

We hope you enjoy your 4th of July Holiday. I look forward to using this time to relax with some of my favorite cookbooks and food magazines to get inspiration for new dishes to create.

Local Produce Update:

The Bay Area is the perfect confluence of farmers, chefs and food aficionados. I have been blessed to build relationships with farmers growing the freshest, tastiest variety of vegetable or fruit available. I hope you can taste the freshness in the produce I select, as it’s usually picked just for our order. Recently someone asked us what our customer demographics are, and I said “people who value fresh, local, organic quality food”. We have such a diverse group of meal plan members, but one thing you all have in common is you place a high value on what you nourish yourself with. We are so lucky to have so many great local farms within just a few hours of the Bay Area, there is rarely a need to not eat local. Some of my favorite local farmers are Al from Frog Hollow, Rick and Christy Knoll, Louis Iacoppi, Judith and Drew from Full Belly, Tim from Riverdog, Joe from Dirty Girl and Will from Brokaw Farms, to name a few. They have reached celebrity status among us local chefs.

This is such a great season for fruit. Here is what’s thriving on our local farms:

  • figs
  • cherries
  • watermelon
  • raspberries and blackberries
  • apricots
  • honeydews

Thank you for letting us share our meals with you!

-Chef Lauren Mahlke

Suggestions? Send us your thoughts on the meals, what you liked and how we might improve.

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