Menu for week of 6/24/20

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Dear Planted Table Family,

It is with a very heavy heart that we announce a temporary closure effective immediately after today’s meal plans go out.

We hope to be able to reopen once the most recent lock down is set to end in June. We currently have placed all plans on hold set to come off hold and be able to order again for the June 10th delivery. We have moved the menu written for April 8th to be the menu for June 10th.

We really wanted to be able to remain open and keep feeding you, along with keeping our staff employed and our vendors in business, but the past few weeks it has become harder and harder to do so, while keeping our staff and families safe.

We have several staff members who don’t own a car and rely on public transportation to get to our kitchen, and we are putting them at risk every time they commute to work. We also have staff members who do not have child care and both parents working out of the house, which is making the situation of them coming to work difficult. The safety of our staff is our top priority right now and we are confident when this passes and the regulations are lifted we will be able to come back strong and healthy to keep sharing our meals with you and your family.

The biggest impact on our decision though was the new guidelines for grocers and restaurants set by the county yesterday are almost impossible for us to abide by. Cooking, plating and packing up over 2000 servings of food in our kitchen is not possible to do while keeping a 6-foot distance from other staff members in the kitchen. With the county stepping up enforcement of this rule, even in tight kitchens like ours, we don’t want to take any chances with our health or the quality and safety of our food and business we have built.

This decision was not made easily. We really wanted to be a company you could trust to nourish you through these difficult times, and we hope to be able to start back up as soon as we can. Thank you for sticking with us and we can’t wait to cook for you in a few weeks. We are taking orders for the week of June 10th, so feel free to place your order and please email or text us with any questions.

Take care,

Chef Lauren and Megan