Menu for week of 4/27/22

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Message from Chef Lauren:

During the Covid Lockdown, Pizza Night with my family became something we looked forward to every week. I would make fresh pesto or marinara, and loved experimenting with vegan cheese. I found my favorite, which is Miyoko’s Revolutionary Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella. Not only that, but I Would take what ever fresh vegetables we had, sometimes top with BBQ tofu, pineapple and make a vegan pizza creation the whole family will love. I am thrilled to share my family’s weekly pizza-making tradition with you, with our new Pizza Kit. Now available every week, the kit will feature dough to make one large pizza or 3 personal-size pizza and feed 2-4. Every week a fresh, house-made pizza sauce will be including along with organic, seasonal toppings and my favorite vegan cheese. Cooking directions will also be included. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our menu!

Vegan Pizza Kit

-Chef Lauren Mahlke

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