Menu for week of 2/10/21

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Message from Chef Lauren:

This week we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday and helping to beat those winter blues that are especially strong this time of year, with nourishing plant-based meals. Here are some menu highlights:

Let’s Talk About Leeks

My favorite Vichyssoise Leek and Potato Soup is on the menu next week.
This is the time of year that Leeks thrive! Organic Leeks  love the winter months when their stalks are sometimes the only remaining vegetable left in the ground.

Fun facts about leeks: 

They are the sweetest, mildest members of the Allium family that also includes garlic, and are some of the world’s oldest vegetables.

We hope you enjoy next week’s Vichyssoise Leek and Potato Soup.

BBQ Tofu Ranch Salad 

One of our most popular and requested salads, all the flavors of a yummy ranch salad made vegan. This salad features a BBQ version of our house-made ranch dressing that is sweet and garlicky. The carrot ribbons add a fun texture and crunch to the salad.

New on the order form this week: 

NutraGreens Kombucha: Power greens plus probiotics, the perfect way to start your day! 100% Raw, 100% Probiotic Kombucha.

Get your greens burrito: 

A 7 oz. burrito made with a flour tortilla and packed with green veggies and white rice. Veggies include broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale, and green beans. Medium spice level.

Plus, look for our Valentine’s Pesto Pasta and Fat Tuesday Gumbo! 

-Chef Lauren Mahlke