Menu for week of 10/14/20

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Message from Chef Lauren:

This week we are thrilled to introduce a yummy new item on our order form, Spero Cheeses!

We recently discovered Spero Cream Cheese and were a little skeptical at first to see how delicious a plant based cream cheese could be made from sunflower seeds, but Oh My Gawd!! You guys, this stuff is so good, we knew we had to share it with you.

We are so excited to be offering 4 delicious Spero Cheese flavors available to our members every week. They are:

Goat Cheese



and Regular Cream Cheese.

Spero Cream Cheese is made with only 6 ingredients, no gums.

It contains probiotics and antioxidants for gut health and because it’s made from sunflower seeds, it saves water compared with nut and dairy based cream cheese products.  Spero cheeses are great with toast, bagels, sandwich spreads, creamy sauce or dressing base, baking.

Spread it, spoon it, dip it, bake it, or whisk it up & make it saucy!

It can also be frozen & then thawed in fridge to make it last forevaaaaaaa.

Look for it on our order form.

We appreciate all your support.

-Chef Lauren Mahlke