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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Planted Table is a success because of our talented staff who bring a wealth of expertise from around the world. They are the energy, passion, knowledge and compassion of all we do.
Co-founder and Chef Lauren Mahlke

Lauren Mahlke

Executive Chef and Co-Founder

Chef Lauren Mahlke is a Bay-Area trained chef and Culinary School graduate. She has spent her career creating delicious recipes using locally grown, seasonal ingredients. She began her career as the culinary advisor and recipe developer for the We Olive franchise. Lauren has taught cooking demonstrations and catered events of all sizes throughout the Bay Area for over a decade. After transitioning to a plant-based diet, she is now focusing on creating delicious, heart-healthy meals without the use of animal products.

Co-founder Megan Scott

Megan Scott


Megan graduated from California State University Long Beach with a degree in Journalism and went on to spend over a decade working as a reporter in radio and television. After starting a family, she transitioned into public relations, marketing, and writing. A constant doer who loves health, nutrition, fitness and food, Megan switched to a vegan lifestyle after learning about the way it benefits health, the environment, and the animals. Her goal is show people how incredibly delicious and rewarding it can be to transition to a plant based diet how and great you can feel after removing animal products from your life.

Sous Chef Joshua Ortiz

Joshua Ortiz

Sous Chef

Joshua decided to transition to a plant-based diet over 2 years ago to maintain more balance and health in his life. He immediately began to notice positive changes in his energy and overall health when eating plant based, and was hooked. A passionate lover of all things culinary from a young age, he worked his way up in the kitchen starting as a prep cook and quickly developing his skills to manage a kitchen and oversee recipes. Growing up in New York, with a Puerto Rican, Italian and Russian background, food was always the common thread that brought everyone together. Joshua enjoys showing everyone how delicious plant based foods can be, even traditional childhood dishes can be transformed without using animal products.

Vanessa Rogers

Wellness and Weight Loss Expert

Vanessa Rogers is a Holistic Wellness and Weight Loss Expert, specializing in Plant Based Nutrition. With a background in human behavior and management consulting, she supports professional men and women around the globe in achieving the healthy results they desire in a sustainable (and enjoyable!) way. Vanessa has worked and studied with some of the largest organizations in the world, such as Nike, Stanford, Logitech, and University of California and is a trusted authority in Plant Based Nutrition and Eating Psychology. As a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Vanessa provides scientifically supported, practical and relevant advice, and is the solution needed to navigate a source of nutrition information in a landscape of quick-fix solutions