Introducing your kids to a vegan diet
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It is 2021, and as the years pass, the evidence backing a vegan lifestyle increases by the day! Veganism is good not just for your health but also for the planet.

The journal Science went as far as to say that “A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on the planet.”

A vegan lifestyle is also a great way to manage and regulate everyday cholesterol intake in a country where atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death, is a lot easier to catch and prevent symptoms in your early childhood than later in life.

During times like this, it sometimes becomes imperative for you to transition your child into a vegan diet.
This is, however, a very daunting task. Especially if your kids have developed their taste buds and have a liking towards non-vegan food. So here are some tips to help you!

Tip #1- Research

Understand your child’s body and their nutritional needs. What they are allergic to and what they are deficient in.

A healthy diet means a balanced diet that is full of nutrition. Doing your research helps you plan meals according to your child’s needs.

For example- If your child is deficient in Vitamin B12, pack them a healthy nut mix with flaxseeds for lunch.

Tip #2- Make it fun and inclusive

Take your kids out grocery shopping and ask them to help you prepare the meal. Make it a fun activity, cut the vegetables into silly shapes, explore the joy of cooking and just have fun.

Make family dinner a lot more than just eating. Use this opportunity to bond with your kids. This will not only make your kids more open to eating the meal they helped prepare but will also make for some pretty nice memories to scrapbook about, don’t you think?

Tip #3- Slow and steady wins the race!

It is relatively easy for us as adults to “go all-in,” but it would be rather tricky for our pickier counterparts. We suggest you start slow and take it easy.

Focus on slowly incorporating vegan elements in your child’s meals. An excellent way for you to start this could be by mixing vegan aspects in your child’s diet and slowly increasing the ratio of the element as and when they get used to the taste.

For example- Mix plant-based milk into their glass of dairy milk and increase the ratio as and when you go. Or add a small portion of meat substitutes in their burgers and spaghetti meals and increase the ratio slowly and comfortably.

Tip #4- Snack it up!

Children love snacking, as do we, so keep the house stocked with oil-free chips, popped corn, and a lot of fruits!

This way, you can cut out on all the trans-fats kids consume when they want to munch on something.

Granola bars and overnight oats can also be excellent quick snacks/meals for kids when home from school. Fresh fruit smoothies are also an excellent substitute for sweet cravings that children often experience. Make healthy and guilt-free snacking an easy and accessible option for you and your family!

Tip #5- Take it easy

Let me break it to you- Your kids will break their diet. They will eat cake at a friend’s birthday, and they will grab fast food when they visit their aunts and grandma during winter break, simply because they are kids.

They like a sugar rush and loads of cheese every now and then, and that is okay!

The most they will get out of that is a belly ache, so here’s our best advice to you- don’t sweat it; it’s always okay for you and your kids to start over again.

To conclude, we would like to say that transitioning kids to a vegan and plant-based diet will not be easy.

Remember, for them to build a positive attitude towards a plant-based lifestyle, they need to see it as a redeeming lifestyle rather than a restricting lifestyle.

So when they go out and have lots of fast food with a friend tomorrow, just sigh, call it a bad day and start all over again. We promise you, your patience will pay off.

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