Interview with the Editor of The Game Changers Movie

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Interview with the Editor of The Game Changers Movie

Have you watched Game Changers the movie yet? We LOVED this movie! It’s a documentary streaming on Netflix about the optimal diet for human performance. The film shows elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes and what they all have in common when it comes to food and strength.

Science from the film shows how plant-based foods can give you an edge in the gym, on the field, at work, and at home.

We were lucky enough to interview the Editor of the movie, Stephanie Mechura, who lives right here in Oakland and get some fun behind-the-scenes details of the making of Game Changers Movie.

Planted Table (PT): How did you get involved in Game Changers? What’s your background in film editing?

Stephanie Mechura (SM): The Bay Area filmmaking community is a small, tight knit one. Julie Hwang had been an assistant editor on other films with me, and was assistant editor on the Game Changers. When the team needed to bring on a second editor she recommended me.

The LA Premier of The Game Changers, with my boyfriend and escort, Fred Huxham.

PT: Did you eat a plant-based diet before working on Game Changers?

SM: For me, working on the movie was a perfect fit. I had made a decision to go plant-based when I was training for my first marathon almost seven-years-ago. I was constantly ravenous, and constantly exhausted and knew there had to be a better way to fuel my training. I read Thrive by Brendan Brazier, in which he described the athletic and health benefits of going plant-based. For me, the difference I felt was immediate (just like Dotsie Bausch in the film!), I felt like I could go, and go. As a late-in-life runner, recovery for me was key, and as I say – the change I felt in my body and my training was almost over night.

Plant-based me – qualifying for the Boston Marathon 2020 by completing the California International Marathon last December in 3:48 minutes.

PT: That’s fantastic! What are some of your most memorable moments from editing the film?

SM: There were SO many great scenes in the film, so many of which we simply weren’t able to fit into our 90 minute story (so keep checking back on the website, we’ll be adding new content all the time!). Of course, weaving together James Wilkes’ personal narrative was very compelling. And as a runner, they assigned me the absolutely incredible footage of Scott Jurek’s attempt to break the record on the Appalachian Trail.  For me, it was very gratifying, humbling and inspiring to work on those scenes.

PT: How long did it take to edit this film? What was the timeline like?

SM: Full press editing took about a year, but the film had been in pre-production and production since 2013, and the incredible assistant editors Matt Stamm and Julie Hwang had been organizing and assembling the footage long before the editors stepped in.

PT: What is the average day of a documentary film editor like?

SM: I used to liken film editing to coal mining – we worked in cold, dark, windowless rooms, climate controlled to keep the machines cool. I often used to show up to work in wool sweaters and a scarf. Of course things have come a long way since then, and I now have a lovely editing suite in my home in Oakland, CA, where I worked part of the time while Editing the Game Changers.

Me, in front of my edit system (but not at the Ranch).

The Game Changers team was based out of Skywalker Ranch, and working up there with the team several days a week was like going to work in ShangriLa. Incredibly picturesque, and their chef cooked vegan for lunch every day.

Me and my daughter, up at Skywalker Ranch. Racing toward our Sundance deadline I was on a string of near all-nighters, and Anna came up to spend the night with me at The Inn because I had not been able to make it home all week!

PT: What is the number one thing you want people to take away after watching Game Changers?

SM: Going Plant-Based is a process, and no one should feel compelled to go ALL IN overnight. Take your time, figure out what you LOVE and what you like less, and gradually figure out how to make plant-based work for you and your family. There is no such thing as ‘cheating’, don’t feel bad if you crave the way you’ve been used to eating all your life – but KNOW and TRUST that as you stick with it, your cravings will disappear, you will begin to feel better and better and being plant-based will feel more and more natural.

PT: Amazing advice, we agree 100%. Just do the best you can. It’s progress, not perfection. Anything else you want to add for the Planted Table followers?

SM: Using a service like Planted Table is an AWESOME way to kick off your change – and I’m not just saying this because I’m writing for their blog. Subscribe to Planted Table while you’re starting off – and see how delicious going plant-based is, AND how good you’ll feel. And of course I also have to add a shameless plug for the Game Changers website, which has links to incredible resources for people looking to Go Green.

Thank you Stephanie Mechura

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