Four steps to maintain healthy eating during quarantine

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Four steps to maintain healthy eating during quarantine

We are living in an unprecedented time. It’s posing all sorts of challenges, internally and externally. Has that been the case for you? Since I am an Eating Psychology Coach, the questions have been rolling in about eating habits. The combination of stress, change, uncertainty, business and gym closures, and being quarantined with a kitchen have led to concerns around eating healthfully. It’s understandable!

Here are four steps that help you maintain healthy eating during quarantine. 

1. Create a new routine that balances freedom and structure. Let the structure support you day-to-day. Your routine is there for you to lean on! Here are some examples:

a. Start with 12 ounces of filtered water in the morning andthen break your fast with plant protein at the same time every day. I have a smoothie with vegan protein powder, a green banana, chia seeds, and organic greens or frozen fruit, almond milk, and ice.

b. Have lunch and dinner at the same times each day as well, and set a reminder if needed. All my clients need reminders at first, as  did I! Make sure your meals are balanced, so you are less likely to be hungry throughout the day. Plan some recipes for the week ahead. I like to look at Pinterest for inspiration.

2. Eat slowly, using the hunger & satiety scale. While you are following said mealtimes and you find yourself reaching for food between meals you may wonder, “am I hungry or just bored, stressed, etc.?” The best way to figure that out is to put a number to it. Notice 1-10, how hungry are you? As you’re eating notice, 1-10, how full are you? You want to stop at an 8, where there is still a bit of room, but you feel satisfied.

3. Move your body every day, or most days. Your body is designed to move and movement makes us happy! Exercise gives us endorphins, confidence and a very healthy release. I have found live zoom workouts to be effective and convenient. Find what types of movement works for you, and at what time of day. I like noon!

4. Up your ingredient game. Have you found yourself doing some baking? If so, I say go for it — AND be selective. Baking is comforting, affordable and something that has been passed down by generations.  My caveat — step UP your ingredients. Take out the gluten and experiment with all the different gluten-free flours, use organic fruit, substitute a flax-seed-egg instead of actual eggs, remove all the animal products. Give it a try! Ask your family to join in.

Here’s a few fun vegan subscription boxes. List by Vegan Liftz.

Bonus: Create and play! If you do nothing else in this article, do this. Creativity is humanity’s highest level of expression. Paint something! Dance out your feelings. Play games, watch comedy, throw the ball for the dog, write a story, write your story, these are very healthy things to do. Get lost in creating and you never know what you might find.



Above all, be very gentle with yourself.

You deserve compassion.

You are not alone.

Sending my love!


Vanessa Rogers

Founder, Feed Your Spirit, Inc.

Wellness Expert, Planted Table Meals

Nutrition Coach, The Star Method Boxing Gym

Vanessa Rogers

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