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Plant-Based Eating Food Triggers

Let’s talk about food triggers.

Listen, I’ve been doing this work and eating plant-based for most of my life. One thing I know for sure is this — people get triggered.

Food is personal. Food is a life-source. People feel very strongly about their food. I get it.

It makes sense.

As a Health Coach certified in Eating Psychology, part of the work I do with people is eventually to explore what is behind their triggers. Food habits can be a doorway to deeper healing. So when clients come to me wanting to feel better, improve sleep, have more energy, less pain, less anxiety and ultimately live longer, I share my thoughts around plant foods and their medicinal, nutrient-rich properties. I also review the importance of pH level, and limiting processed foods and acidic foods, like meat. We also discuss how energy is connected to alignment, and making choices that are in alignment with your values, especially for those who are animal-lovers, can make a difference as well. (That can push a button for people, too.)

I then go over a whole list with them for their new regimen.

If they really want to feel good, then it sounds like this:  No meat, no dairy, less caffeine, less alcohol, less gluten, and fewer processed foods and sweeteners.


Just the word “no” can intimidate someone at first. Sometimes it is a scarcity trigger, that they may not have enough food to eat — and that can feel very real and very threatening, especially if it is tied to a specific live event or life circumstance. Sometimes it’s a fear of failure (or imperfection), “I could never stick to that.” All of these feelings are reasonable, and allowed. It happens.

There is very good news.

Do you know what happens next, after they venture out into the uncertainty of exploring that new regimen, or at least commit to eating more plants?

They start to realize that they always have a choice, and that’s where their power lies! They realize that it’s definitely not going to be perfect, which is to be expected, and when they consistently choose foods that are truly serving their mind body and spirit.. well, then they know true food freedom.

It’s the practice of identifying and not giving in to the foods that they don’t feel good about, and/or don’t physically feel good after eating! My clients tell me that once they realize they really are not being restricted, but stepping into their healthy choices, that it gets easier, and then sleep improves, mood stabilizes, energy restores, extra weight is released, pain is lessened.. and they always remember that they always have a choice.

Then it becomes FUN! They start to realize they are actually eating a larger variety of foods, instead of the same old stuff or convince foods all the time. They start to eat the rainbow of natural fruits and veggies and grains, oh my!

This process can and does look different for everyone, and what one often finds is that there are plenty of plant food options out there (especially if you’re getting Planted Table Meals delivered to your home or office)! Your plant intake will automatically increase, and so will your health benefits.

Here to ride the ups and downs with you,
Vanessa Rogers

Vanessa Rogers

Founder, Feed Your Spirit, Inc.

Wellness Expert, Planted Table Meals

Nutrition Coach, The Star Method Boxing Gym

Vanessa Rogers

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