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There has been a lot of advice out there regarding how to stay healthy during a time like this, which is wonderful! Truth be told, we do not live in a microbe-free world (that’s for sure!), but we can prime our vessel to be a hardy defense against illness and disease. Do you want to know some of the foods that help us do that? Read on…

Maintaining a plant-based lifestyle and loving to travel the world can seem like a challenge (or even if you’re not traveling the world)! That said, when we are traveling across timezones and there are viruses going around, we are on planes with radiation and recycled air, and sharing small spaces with the general public, we have to turn up our food-as-medicine practice.

My clients and friends have asked me about maintaining a healthy routine during trips and travel. To me, healthy and travel are meant to go together! While we can’t predict everything that’s going to happen, and we (sadly) don’t have our Planted Table meals with us, there are endless amounts of resources available for finding delicious plant-based foods abroad. I was lucky enough to get an invite to Spain with my best friend Kelly last month! She and I are both pretty much on the same page when it comes to healthy living, which makes life easier. As a first step, we set up a joint spreadsheet and did our homework ahead of time, and wow, there are tons of plant-based restaurants to choose from in Spain. We had some very memorable meals! Aside from an otherwise seamless experience, I did hit