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Environmental nonprofit Acterra has selected 14 organizations from six Bay Area counties as finalists for Acterra’s 2020 Business Environmental Awards. The Business Environmental Awards program recognizes exceptional achievements in sustainability among San Francisco Bay Area companies, nonprofits, and public agencies from a variety of sectors. Presented annually since 1990, these prestigious awards bring greater visibility to successful innovations and encourage their wider adoption and replication. “The Business Environmental Awards reflect a growing ethos among Bay Area companies and organizations: social benefits, including environmental sustainability and climate change action, now rank among their essential responsibilities and services. Acterra is proud to highlight specific projects and initiatives that fulfill this ethic,” said Lauren Weston, Acterra’s Executive Director.

The Business Environmental Awards finalists will undergo individual site visits and further vetting by a panel of expert judges. The applicant organizations range in size from start-ups to multi-national firms. The Awards will be conferred on Thursday, May 28, 2020, in a ceremony that will honor the program’s thirtieth anniversary.

The ceremony will take place at the Bay Area Metro Center in San Francisco.  Tickets will go on sale in March.

Planted Table was selected for providing meals in reusable containers and our efforts to compost and reduce food waste in the kitchen. We are honored to be nominated in a list of such prestigious companies.

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