5 Vegan Alternatives For Baking
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We’ve all got a sweet tooth and as veganism is on the rise, there has been an increasing demand for vegan desserts. There is no one ‘right’ method when it comes to baking. It’s more of a series of trial and error before you find what works best for you.

Now, you might be wondering, is it even possible to get the same texture and taste without using the usual animal by-products? The answer is yes! And before you try your hand at vegan baking, here are 5 alternatives to help you find the perfect substitute for the non-vegan ingredients in the recipe. Grab your aprons, and let’s get started!


In baking, the primary purpose of butter is to add flavor, rich texture and help the batter rise evenly. You can easily substitute butter with various vegan options depending on the recipe.

If the baked goods have a natural spice flavor, like spice cookies or gingerbread, you can use olive oil, canola oil, or untoasted sesame oil. And you can add margarine to cookies to give them the usual buttery taste that cookies are known to have.


Milk adds flavor, richness, and texture in baking. It is also the easiest ingredient to substitute.

To substitute milk in a baking recipe, simply choose from the wide range of non-dairy milk available in grocery stores. Whether you go with almond milk or soy milk, you will achieve the same richness and texture.


Contrary to the popular belief, eggs are not a necessity in baking. Their main purpose is to help in binding, leavening, and aiding in the rising process. They can be easily substituted.

Two of the popular alternatives are mashed banana and applesauce. They are healthier, too, as they cut out the cholesterol that the eggs add. If you want to add a rich texture to your baking, you can go with soy yogurt.


Honey acts as a natural sweetener, adds color, and helps retain moisture in your baked goods. Similar to milk, you can easily substitute honey as well.

You can replace honey in the recipe with maple syrup or agave nectar.


Along with adding richness, cream creates a smooth and fluffy texture in baking. There are a variety of non-dairy creams available in the market.

You can make a home version by blending cashews and water until it’s smooth. If you want to go hassle-free, then your best alternative for cream is coconut milk.

Wait! Before you leave, here’s an easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe for you!


Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Wondering what the secret vegan ingredient is? It’s silken tofu! This vegan dessert has the sweet goodness of chocolate mousse, cookie crumbs, and whipped cream in every bite.

Now that you know the substitutions for each of the non-vegan ingredients, why don’t you go ahead and get baking?

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