Happy Fall, Plant-eaters! Here are some essential fall foods that I can't get enough of. There is a gorgeous seasonal transition happening all around us. Things are (somewhat) cooling down and we start to welcome hearty, warm foods. It’s my favorite! Sometimes Fall gives us that helpful little nudge that it is time to slow down. Have you felt that? One of my personal favorite seasonal Fall foods is squash! I also get a lot of questions about its nutritional value. As you have probably noticed, squash is really flavorful! It has a sweet, nutty taste and dense texture with several seasonal varieties. Some are more sweet, some more savory, all of them being incredibly versatile. Honey nut squash lettuce cups, anyone? Squash is not only tasty but it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. It’s also low in caloric density. Butternut squash,

We are so thrilled to announce that Green America has selected Planted Table as the winner of the 2019 People & Planet Award. The award by the national nonprofit Green America honors exemplary commitment to a green economy. Green America’s People & Planet Award celebrates socially and environmentally responsible small businesses. Planted Table was named “Best of the Green Economy.” "For over a decade, the People & Planet Award has told the story of small green businesses in a powerful way – highlighting their innovation and deep commitment to people and the planet. Award winners have proven that business can be a force for social justice and environmental sustainability," said Fran Teplitz, Green America’s executive co-director. "The award has also injected over $300,000 into the small, green business sector, helping local businesses take their next green steps." Planted Table (San Francisco Bay