April 2019

I have good news. Your veggies are packed with Calcium! So you can definitely put down the cow’s milk (if you haven’t already, and you’ll automatically reduce inflammation when you do). Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and 99% of it is stored in our bones and teeth. Calcium does a lot for us — it helps build bones, supports nerve conduction, heartbeat regulation, muscle function, and weight maintenance. Since we need other nutrients to help us digest and absorb Calcium (like Magnesium i.e., avocado, Vitamin D i.e., mushrooms, and Vitamin K i.e., broccoli) it’s best to get the Calcium we need from real food sources. What are some of these sources? There are plenty! Such as: Chia seeds Kale Okra Bok Choy Almonds Broccoli Rhubarb Amaranth Watercress Soybeans/Edamame Tofu Tempeh Tahini Figs White Beans Navy Beans Lentils Almond Butter Cabbage Collard Greens