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Planted Table

I’m loving this week’s menu. Here are a few of my favorites…

I’m loving this week’s menu. Here are a few of my favorites…

Vanessa, here. I took a peek at your Planted Table menu for this week, and it got me kind of excited. There are some real food superstars at play! Let’s have a look.

Mushroom Walnut Loaf with Chive Mashed Potatoes, Mushroom Gravy and Roasted Tarragon Beets and Carrots

Spring foods help kick the body’s detox pathways into gear. Beets are a great example. Beets activate liver enzymes, which help break down and absorb healthy fats and nutrients. They’re full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and energy-boosting carbohydrates and according to a new study, they amp up the amount of oxygen going to the brain, which can be extra helpful during your workout!

P.S. You may have already heard of the brain-boosting power of the mighty walnut but did you know it’s also brilliant in the detox department? Walnuts help increase circulation and blood flow so toxins are more efficiently transported to the liver.
Pomegranate, Spinach, Artichoke and Pistachio Mediterranean Salad with Kumquats
Pomegranate seeds were a staple I thoroughly enjoyed during my travels in the Mediterranean. You can count on them for not only great flavor and crunch, but as a great way to boost healthy cell renewal, eliminate toxins, and fight off cancer and disease. Pomegranate is a wonderful liver-cleanser and has been shown to improve memory.
Mmm, pistachios! Pistachio nuts are like little green gifts for your heart, eyes, waistline, and more.
Have a wonderful week and enjoy every bite.
Supporting you,
Vanessa C. Rogers
Holistic Wellness & Weight Loss Expert