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All of our ingredients are natural, and of the highest quality available. Meals are vegan and produce is local and organic.

Meals are made from scratch in our vegan kitchen located in Oakland. It’s just like you would prepare in your own home, only in much larger portions. Our meals are designed to fuel your body with the optimal amount of nutrients in the form of clean, whole, real foods. Our menu is free of processed foods, canola oil and refined sugar.

We deliver throughout the Bay Area and have pick up locations. Deliveries are made every Wednesday.

The meals arrive freshly packed in our eco-friendly containers.

Simply heat and enjoy.

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Browse Our Menu

We Work With Local Farms For Organic, Seasonal Ingredients Picked Just for Our Vegan Meal Plan Menu

The Bay Area is the perfect confluence of farmers, chefs and food aficionados. We have been blessed to build relationships with farmers growing the freshest, tastiest variety of vegetable or fruit available. Our farms pick our produce selections fresh and deliver it straight to us. It’s not sitting in a warehouse or traveling across the country. We hope you can taste the freshness in the produce we select. We are so lucky to have so many great local farms within just a few hours of the Bay Area, there is rarely a need to not eat local. Some of my favorite local farmers are Al from Frog Hollow, Rick and Christy Knoll, Louis Iacoppi, Judith and Drew from Full Belly, Tim from Riverdog, Joe from Dirty Girl and Will from Brokaw Farms, to name a few. They have reached celebrity status among us local chefs.

What Customers Are Saying About Planted Table Vegan Meal Plans

“I finally found a meal delivery service that works! We have tried out so many meal delivery services that cater to mom dad and two small children who are pescatarians. These vegan dishes are so good that you won’t even think it’s vegan. The portion is really good where you actually will end up full compared to other brands. Note: I have only done one week, but all four meals we ate were DELICIOUS!”

Jackie N.

“T-22 days until my parents visit from Mississippi. Without Planted Table, their visit would be so much more anxiety inducing since I would need to figure out how to keep them fed. I love seeing my parents genuinely enjoy Planted Table meals. My Dad loves his fish, chicken, and pork, but when it comes to Planted Table he joyfully devours everything with no complaints.”

B M.

“WOW. Planted Table effectively feeds me now. It is on the higher end of my food budget, but completely worth it. The food is SO GOOD. I look forward to my meals. Portions are well sized, I usually get a couple meals out of each. The flavors are #100. I absolutely can’t make food this good. Ingredients are high quality. The nutritional balance is well done and makes eating vegan easy.”

Amelia T.

“I signed up with Planted Table for two reasons; I’m an under eater. Generally speaking I am challenged to eat on a regular basis and it’s wrecking my blood sugar and calorie intake. Having meals at hand means with my busy schedule I can pop a meal into the oven. Since I’ve been on my plan I’ve been eating 3 meals a day, and it’s made a tremendous impact on my energy.”

Fresh E.

“Now my life is so simple!! I just place one order per week and get everything I need! Cut up veggies. Sliced fruits. Loaves of bread and pesto. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Dessert. Wine. The quality of the food is consistently like an excellent restaurant. Seriously. Like, way better than most restaurants I eat at.”

Jessica W.

“The founders of Planted Table are amazing women! I’ve watched their journey from the beginning and they are true social chef entrepreneurs – really considering sustainability, the environment and health! All food I’ve tried has been spectacular and I’m not a vegan but when I eat their food I feel energized and so satisfied!”

Walsh S.


It’s simple! A plant-based diet is based on eating a variety of delicious and nutritious plants. You will find fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes in our meals. You won’t find meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, refined sugar, and excess oil.